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Origins of Big Biz World

Long, long ago, before Hoomans roamed the world, a chained Big Bang event shook the sector T-Bowl No.2, giving rise to the planet Poopiter, and life came into existence.

After eons, Hoomans invented lightspeed motion space travel and travelled through the Terraverse, making contact with Planet Poopiter and its shitizens for the first time in history…

Loo and behold, “Big Biz World” was born.

Why be a Poopfam?

We aim to be a fund that both generates growing passive income and giving back to charity (via Angel protocol) at the same time while having fun and expanding on the narrative of the #bigbizworld universe.

Every NFT mint and resale adds on to the Poop-sury (our treasury) and our Poop-sury will be invested to ensure growth (e.g., Anchor Protocol).

NFT holders will be rewarded with growing payouts from the Poop-sury/resales and have a say in where we deploy the funds in it.

Read on to see where we are heading and why you will want to be a part of us!

Contribute to a good cause

  • 5% of minting proceeds will be donated to Angel Protocol
  • 1% of royalties will also be donated to Angel Protocol

    “Give once, give forever”

Ever-growing passive income and
Poop-sury (our treasury)

Holding a Big Biz World NFT means you are a OWNER of the Big Biz World universe and entitles you to a share of our income!

After every collection…

  • 5% of minting proceeds will be distributed for each collection (after every collection is fully minted)
  • 2.5% of future collections’ minting proceeds will be distributed to previous collection’s holders 
  • 5% of minting proceeds + 10% of royalties will be deposited monthly in Anchor Protocol (the “Poop-sury”) that continually earns interest

Every 2 months…

  • 50% of the interest earned by our Poop-sury and 10% of royalties will be rewarded to our NFT owners (less txn fees)!


*Rest of minting proceeds / royalties will go towards roadmap development and community engagement activities/giveaways to ensure long term growth!

NFT Holder exclusive benefits

NFT Holders enjoy the following benefits:

  • Regular NFT holders-games – Win outlandish prizes and NFTs!
  • Free NFT/WL opportunities due to our collabs with other projects
  • Front seat tickets to future collaboration/projects


We have so many exciting ideas waiting to come to life!

Refer to our roadmap below for more details

Be part of the Big Biz World community and ecosystem!

Be part of a closed group community (eventually a DAO) to vote and determine future projects!

Your input will guide the future of what we do next!


Phase 1 (Dec 2021 to Apr 2022)
Community building

- Focus on building a strong PoopFam family/community

- Launch discord/website/twitter

- Giveaways / Community games

Phase 2 (1 May 2022)
Launch of "The Poops" Collection

- Genesis collection - first and rarest collection in the Big Biz World Universe

- Collection kept small to ensure a tight-knit and strong Poopfam community

Phase 3 (July 2022)
Rewarding our Poopfams

- Mint proceeds and royalties are added to our Poop-sury

- Distribution of $UST from our EVER-GROWING Poop-sury every 2 months to our NFT holders

- Distribution of $UST to Angel Protocol to enrich the community and charities

- NFT holders will influence the future of the investment strategies and frequency of distributions to maximise the rewards

- Implementing a proper system (e.g., DAO) for proposals and voting

Phase 4 (Q3 2022)
Putting a Poop in every home

- Merchandise store will be opened, with our cute designs on merchandise/peripherals/ clothing being made available for everyone to purchase (with fiat/crpyto)

- Profits earned will be shared with NFT holders

Phase 5 (Q4 2022)
Expanding the Big Biz World Universe

- Collaborations with other projects including incubating new projects and getting rewarded with a cut of their revenues

- Future collections (including cross-chain) will be planned, with input from our NFT holders 

- Current holders will be rewarded with proceeds from our future collections as part of #PoopFam and from royalties from ALL COLLECTIONS

Phase 6 (Q1 2023 and beyond)
Collaborations and doing more #shittybiz

- Bring our Poopfams into the Metaverse via Games or other metaverse projects

- Launching $Poopfam token

- Continue to explore further opportunities to enrich and reward our community/NFT Holders!

Genesis Collection ("The Poops")

Being misunderstood is a crappy feeling, and no one knows this better than the shitizens of the Big Biz World, the Poops. 

Hoomans assume Poops to be unhygienic and disgusting, but this could not be further from the truth. The Poops pride themselves on their aesthetically pleasing appearances and hold high standards of cleanliness. 

Some of them even gleam, glow and sparkle, reflecting a myriad of colours under the light. Poops also naturally attract good luck, fortune and poositive energy to everyone around them.

This is the first and rarest collection for Big Biz World. 

Genesis Collection details:

Number of hand-drawn poops: 888


Release date: 1 May 2022

Big Biz World Team
Meet Our Poop-cialists

We are a group of dreamers, artists, crypto enthusiasts and game developers from the tiny island of Singapore Flag: Singapore on WhatsApp who believe in the decentralised future.

Each of our NFTs are lovingly crafted with the hope of bringing joy, laughter, fortune and poositivity to all our friends of Big Biz World.

This is only the start! LOO-k out for more to come!

Mint here:


Crypto Enthusiast and Constant Pooper

Cutest Poop

Poopers of Poop and Artist Maestro


Orange loving, game developing Poop Head (Advisor)

We know you have some questions about poops...

We will be launching on 1 May 2022!, the first NFT marketplace on Terra!

We are on the Terra Blockchain (THE network to be on).

We are Poop-themed as we see it as a chance to do something unconventional and make something disgusting lovable. The Poops in our collection are aesthetically pleasing, shiny, cute and delightful. All pieces in our collection are hand-drawn by Cutest without using any generative/automation elements, to ensure the quality of every piece is up to standard. Cutest hopes that each of the artwork will bring joy to its owners and to those who see it.

You are granted by the Big Biz World Team, a worldwide royalty-free license to use, copy and display the purchased Art and its derivative creations for:

  1. Your own personal and non-commercial use.
  2. As part of any marketplace that permits the trade of your Big Biz World NFT, on condition that the marketplace cryptographically verifies each Big Biz World NFT owner’s rights to display the Art for their Big Biz World NFT ensuring that only the actual owner can display the Art.
  3. As part of a third-party website/application which permits the inclusion, involvement, or participation of your Big Biz World NFT, provided that the website/application verifies cryptographically, each Big Biz World NFT owner’s right to display the Art for their Big Biz World NFT, ensuring that only the actual owner can display the Art, and to ensure that the Art is no longer visible once the owner of the Big Biz World NFT leaves the website/application.

As a Big Biz World NFT holder, you are entitled to use the Art tied to said Big Biz World NFT for any personal and non-commercial use. This includes the Art displayed on permitted NFT marketplaces and other third-party websites as long as it is cryptographically verifiable on-chain.